Former Miss India, Model, Actor and now a beauty influencer. What a journey it has been. 
Here on my blog & on YouTube, you can find me talking about fashion, makeup, skincare, DIYs, travel, food and other random things. 

If I have to write in brief about me, well here goes…¬†

I was born and raised in Dubai РU.A.E and  started modelling as a teenager, during my summer holidays to India. I think my love for fashion and makeup started way back then and I always knew, that I would one day create my own space to teach and share what I learnt through out my career as an model and artist. Well, this blog and youtube channel is my little world to get to know you better and live out my dream and passion.

I love interacting with people, reading, cooking, creating content, travelling, photography, a gypsy by heart and a story teller too. I have an insane obsession towards dogs and elephants. I love spending time with my family, my dog (who occasionally features everywhere on social media) and friends. Well that sums it up, I suppose. 

If you’re new here, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my take on beauty, lifestyle & my youtube videos as well! 

Lots of love, Shweta x


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