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Mascara Review


Hello again my lovelies,

I just thought I would put this mascara review out there for all you eye-lash junkies!

We have a new mascara in the house and it promises to make your long eyelash heaven dreams come true.

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Now, what a hyped up launch this particular mascara had. It was hailed as the biggest launch from the brand. OMG!

The press releases, PR parties, promotions and the free destination trips for established influencers…all for one mascara!

But, is it worth the hype?

This is where your girl (ahem* me) puts it to a test.

Benefit as a brand is not something I am truly interested in. Don’t get me wrong , they do have some amazing products. But since it isn’t cruelty free, it misses my radar.

When my best buddy gifted me a lot of makeup, I saw this one in the stash and I thought for review purposes only, I should try it out.

Watch me on youtube – You know how obsessed I am with Essence Lash Princess mascara. C’mon, for under five USD, you can’t go wrong, it’s cruelty free and gives your lashes that much needed volume.

So, I applied BBGB mascara with the utmost disinterest and my first thought? “Damn! This has to be the blackest mascara I have ever come across!”

Shweta VJ Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara Review Image

I was also intrigued by their claim of having “aero” particles, which means it has one of the lightest known materials that is derived from space technology. Hello Nasa!

The mascara is infused with vitamin b5 , so it also helps condition and nourishes your lashes. It promises to give you massive volume without weighing your lash down. You know what? They were right. It did just that.

The more you layer it,  the bigger the impact. It doesn’t make the lash feel heavy or crispy, like most mascaras do after layering.

Shweta VJ Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara Review Image

The wand is streamlined to easily reach the root to the tip and also get those pesky corner and lower lashes.

Whatever you eye shape is, this wand should help you out. It also claims to be waterproof and promises to last for 36 hours.

Benefit Badgal Bang Mascara Review Image

That long? Really? Who has the patience and time to keep it for so long. But, it did last me a good 12 hours and my lashes were beautifully long and light.

I find that taking the extra products out of the wand helps in not giving it a gloopy, spider lash mess nor did I notice any flakiness. I suppose being formulated with polymers had something to do with it. Mars Talk!

Shweta VJ Badgal Bang Mascara Review Image

This is definitely better than the their real mascara, hands down. It is very expensive and though it worked brilliantly for me, I feel there are equally amazing finds from the drugstore.

Maybelline, NYX and Essence, are a few brands that provides some great mascara products. I wouldn’t be buying it again only because of the obvious “not cruelty free” tag, the fact that it is expensive for something you have to chuck away after 4 months (that is a mascaras duration).

If price isn’t a problem and you are a big Benefit cosmetics fan, you will absolutely love this one.

” I need some space” definitely has a new meaning with this wonder mascara. Truly worth the hype!

Price | 21.50 GBP Buy it here


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  1. Poulamiroy
    February 14, 2018 / 2:30 pm

    Classic…hello this is sunita williams sayin hi from space. The mascara has benefitted me really well…. jokes apartt…. great review

  2. Sreepriya Sreedharan
    February 15, 2018 / 5:53 am

    But is that getting clumpy at the lash tips?..

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