Hello lovelies,

I’m actually writing this review all curled up in my comfy bed with a cup of tea and my laptop. It is freezing outside and the thought of attempting to put my feet on the floor and get on with the day, just tires me out more.

The only thing that usually tempts me to start my morning on a cold miserable day in London, is by a running a hot bath.

Today, I am testing out Zoellas beauty products and I am quite excited. So, that is my reason to live, for now.

The one item I want to review today from her latest collection is her Bath Latte. I have bought her products in the past but nothing has impressed me much. Im not shading the talented beauty influencer but there hasn’t been a stand out product from her line so far, for me.

I think it was the packaging of this shower milk that appealed to me and I thought, why not give her brand another chance. Look at it! How adorable is this milk bottle kind of a packaging? Something to gift and leave it at the door step, maybe?

I don’t think I will even have the heart to dispose it after it is over. She has paid more attention to details this time where branding is concerned and this line is definitely an upgrade from her last.


Her collection “sweet inspirations” is a young girls dream line. Hey, even at my age, the sweet smell of macaroons and vanilla got me smiling like a cheshire cat. The formula is a bit too thick and a little goes a long way. You also have to be careful when you take it out of the bottle since it can create a mess because of its gloop like texture.

The instruction states that you can lather it up on your body with a bath sponge or add some to your bath (best under running water). I have tried both and to be honest, this does create the desired bubbles for your bath but considering how much Zoella loves the brand “Lush” and must have taken inspiration from their products, this didn’t even fair as well as the Lush ones.

Yet the fragrance was invitingly sweet, as I could get the scent of almond, honey and vanilla . But, I do prefer to lather it the old fashioned way, on a bath sponge as I feel it works much better and my skin smells gorgeous and soft after the shower.

I don’t mean to sound like a granny here, but considering her target audience are teenagers and kids as well, Im sure, her brand does come off a little too steep where pricing is concerned.

Hey, at least I found one product to recommend and what can I say or write more in this case, I really enjoyed using it.



Have you ever tried the Zoella Bath Latte? Let me know your experience if you have!



  1. Sreepriya Sreedharan
    January 20, 2018 / 6:57 am

    Bottle looks so cute n “milkish”.. 😀

  2. Poulami Roy
    February 21, 2018 / 4:49 am

    hahhahahhaha a milk bottle…. wish there was a faux nipple attached too…. amazing review. the fact that smells macaroons… even more amazin

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